Dans la vernithèque d’une mod

A England

Jane Eyre, Saint George, Bridal Veil, Lancelot, Tristam, Lady of Shalot, Briarwood, Queen of Scots, Ophelia, Dragon, Sleeping Palace, Perceval, Virgin Queen, The Blessed Damozel, Rose Bower, Fotheringhay Castle, Dancing with Nureyev, Proserpine, Incense Burner, Captive Godess, Spirit of the Moors, Holy Grail (original), Hurt No Living, Crown of Thistles, Avalon, Lady of the Lake, Let Me In, Ascalon, Princess Tears, Tess d’Urbervilles, Holy Grail (new), Briar Rose, Rose Bower, Fated Prince, Fonteyn, Encore Margot, Excalibur Renaissance, Jane Morris, Heathcliff, Sparks Divine (1st version), Whispering Waves, Camelot, Princess Sabra, Order of the Garter, Excalibur (new), Beauty Never Fails, Gloriana, Cathy, Merlin, Dorian Gray, Guinevere, Morgan le Fay, King Arthur, Galahad, Elaine, Iseult, She Walks In Beauty, And the Moonbeams, Love Is Enough, Her Rose Adagio, Wuthering Heights, Sparks Divine (2ème édition), Waltz Of The Flowers, Polovetsian Dances, Katyusha, Natasha’s Dance War & Peace, Kalinka, Shall Be My Queen, In Robe And Crown, Angel Grace, The Beggar Maid, King Cophetua, Symphony in Blue and Silver, Nocturne, Symphony in Green and Gold, Carnation Lily Lily Rose


Colour Alike

500, 501, 512, 570, 493, 517, 502, 503, A Kind Of A Black (Stamping), 511, 601, 621 (Snake Prince), 622 (Thousand and one night), 624 (Willow),

Picture Polish

Cosmos, Hope, Pshiiit, Gravity, Altered State, Solar Flare, Illusionist, Aurora, Bette, Darcy, Nemesis, Borealis, Mossy, Freya’s Cat

Colors by Llarowe

Mocha Grande, Her Red Hair, Jewel of denial, Peacock Parade, Love Actually, Sexy Mother, Pine Boughs, Hearts on FireGuardian of the Forest

Il Etait Un Vernis

In Teal We Trust, #justmytype

I Love Nail Polish (ILNP)

Cygnus Loop (H), Birefrigence (H), Sirène (H), Masquerade, Hush, Purple Plasma, Abundance, Reminisce, Peace, Greatness, My Private Rainbow (X), My Little Glacier (H), Mutagen, Nostalgia, Undenied (H), Bishop (H), Cameo, Highline

Enchanted Polish

Scintealliant, Presto Magic, Dark Fantasy, October 2014, November 2014, May 2015, Vampires Suck, November 2015, Pandore, Neptune, December 2015, Holiday 2015, Rainbow Juice (With Pulp), Desert Night Sky

Lilypad Lacquer

Tealing me softly, True Blood 2014, Temptealtion, Morning Glory, Sinner

Cirque Colors

Coronation, Garnet, Dioptase, Vaporwave


Teal the End, Drop of Teal, Redicalist, Wandering Stars, Persephone, Steal my Kisses

Dance Legend

Royal Blood, Oblivion

Cupcake Polish

Berry Good Looking

Bow Polish

Good God

Barry M



225 (Bordeaux Red), 254 (Wine Red Microglitter), 255 (Violet Microglitter), 280 (Orange), 290 (Dark Magenta), 341 (Cobalt Green), 497 (Pearly Indian Violet), 534 (Green Forest), 434 (Psychedelic Blue)




Indian Summer


Girly Bits

Shift Happens






London Town at Sundown, Unfold the unlimited gold, Wanderluxe



Blair, Holly



My Private Jet, Christmas Gone Plaid, Every Month Is Oktoberfest